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Understanding Wisdom Teeth and Their Eruption:

Wisdom teeth usually erupt when you are between 17-21 years of age. This can often be associated with occasional dull aches but may also be very painful for some. Most wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth and do not require removal. Some erupt incorrectly or only partially and can continue to cause local irritation or pain from time to time. These wisdom teeth may then require removal. These wisdom teeth are often referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.
Wisdom Teeth Treatment in Logan

Wisdom teeth may have to be removed for several reasons:

  • Extensive damage (due to decay or trauma)
  • Lack of function
  • Prevention of complications
  • Pain & swelling
  • Oral hygiene issues
  • Crowding

Dr Mandev Singh is highly experienced in the removal of wisdom teeth under local anaesthesia. This is often regarded as a frightening and painful experience by most. However, Dr Singh can assure you that the procedure is actually a lot gentler and less painful than expected or anticipated. He achieves this by careful attention to detail, proper planning and preparing the patient on the procedure. The appointment time is extended to allow Dr Singh to work patiently and gently. Whilst there is some post surgical swelling and pain, this is easily controlled by painkillers and home care. Our patients will not look like they have been through 10 rounds with Ali!

Complex cases may be referred to an oral/maxillofacial surgeon for care and removal.

Please visit us at Shailer Park Dental if you have any issues with erupting or erupted wisdom teeth. Dr Mandev Singh will assess them and advise you if they require removal. Shailer Park Dental is always there to help patients in any emergency dental issues or pain. We treat patients from different suburbs including Carbrook, Daisy Hill, Springwood, Mount Cotton (Mt Cotton), Redland Bay, Victoria Point and Tanah Merah. Find us in Logan City for wisdom teeth treatment or removal.

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